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          Jinyang Ability

          Value for you
          The value identity coheres, providing customers with tailor-made product solutions!
          Jinyang Ability

          Our Factory


          Practicing craftsmen spirit, casting Jinyang brand

          30Annual capacity 300,000 tons
          88 production bases
          1515 years' manufacturing experience
          113113 technical experts

          Production Equipment


          We have 18 lines of casting production, 3 lines of cold-rolled production, annealing furnaces 10 units, and several tension levelers, cross-cutting machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine, grinding machine and other large-scale processing equipments. Machinable thickness of 0.01-300mm, width 11-3100mm. Can achieve accurate custom production.

          • 1450mm Four-roll irreversible cold rolling mill1450mm Four-roll irreversible cold rolling mill
          • 1550mm finishing mill1550mm finishing mill
          • Grinding machineGrinding machine
          • Double-chamber melting furnaceDouble-chamber melting furnace
          • Annealing  FurnaceAnnealing Furnace
          • Pulse type dust removalPulse type dust removal
          • Shearing machineShearing machine
          • Transverse cutting unitTransverse cutting unit
          • Annealing furnaceAnnealing furnace
          • Inclined continuous casting and rolling millInclined continuous casting and rolling mill
          • Stretching machineStretching machine

          Scientific Research Strength


          113 team of technical experts, 187 technical patents

          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.One kind of aluminum melting furnace Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.One kind of aluminum sheet Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.Multi-station aluminum rod cutting machine Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.Bottom primer coating machine of PS plate Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.Aluminum foil laminating machine Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.Aluminum foil annealing chamber

          Quality Control


          Implementation of 6S management system. Product qualification rate is above 99%. Choose excellent suppliers, control the quality from the source. Control the production process strictly. Comprehensive testing laboratory: chemical analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, tensile laboratory, micro-analysis laboratory. Strict control of production material and processes to make us be proud of our quality products.

          Cupping testing machineCupping testing machine SamplerSampler Panel platformPanel platform Tensile testing machineTensile testing machine Tensile testing machineTensile testing machine

          Service Team


          Jinyang aluminum provides you with the Integrated service, Steward type after - sale service. Each order, from pre-sales consulting to after-sales delivery,
          we are timely tracking, to ensure that customers can safely receive, provide the best service for you.

          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

          Responsive Pre-Sales Consulting Team

          We have telephone, email, whatsapp, skype, wechat etc. online communication and others, 7 * 24 * 365 days response for the pre-sale consulting services to ensure of the prompt reply.
          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

          One to One Sales Support Team

          Professional product recommendations and pricing programs will be offered by experienced sales.
          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

          Specialized Manufacturing Team

          After the order, the factory will prepare the high-quality products, and by the Inspection Department, Quality Control department to ensure that product quality is in line with national and customer requirements.
          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

          Steward Type After-sale Service Team

          After-sale service team will arrange the professional logistics to ensure the safety of your goods. If you have repeated procurement needs, your regular stocking will be arranged; if you have questions about product quality, solutions will be introduced at the first time.