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          Aluminum Coil

          Applications: aluminum-plastic plate, lamp material, capacitor shell, road signs, building facades and so on
          6061 Aluminum Coil6061 Aluminum Coil6061 Aluminum Coil6061 Aluminum Coil

          6061 Aluminum Coil

          Application :building exterior wall,Aluminum for automobile and so on
          From quantitative: 3 ton


          6061 Aluminum Ciol of the main alloying elements for the magnesium and silicon, with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect is widely used in demanding a certain strength and high corrosion resistance of a variety of industrial structural parts. T61, T6 and T651 are the common states of 6061 aluminum coils. Among them, T651 alloy is formed on the basis of T6 state, which is formed after eliminating internal stress, which is more suitable for forming.


          Typical alloys

          6061 Aluminum Ciol 

          Typical alloys

          O, T4, T6, T651







          Typical products

          building exterior wall,Aluminum for automobile and so on

          1,6061 aluminum-magnesium alloy series of high-plastic alloy, heat treatment to strengthen, high impact toughness;
          2, has excellent thermoplastic, welding performance and corrosion resistance;
          3, no deformation after processing, the surface is very smooth, and easy anodizing and coloring;
          4, excellent interface characteristics, high strength, good usability, strong corrosion resistance.

          Market Application

          Mainly used in ships, automobiles, aircraft welding parts, automotive aluminum, building exterior wall, shipbuilding, air conditioning pipe manufacturing and so on.

          Aluminium for pipelineAluminium for pipeline Aluminium for pipelineAluminium for pipeline Aluminum for automotiveAluminum for automotive Aluminum for shipbuildingAluminum for shipbuilding

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