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          Application Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Sheet Plate for Construction Engineering

          Author:yisainuo Time:2017-10-16

          Advantage one: wear resistance.
          Alloy aluminum sheet material used is carefully selected, the plate is not easy to wear, even if the collision with other items friction, it will not make the aluminum surface appears a variety of traces. It can be seen that the wear resistance of aluminum is very good. It is because of its good wear resistance, it is commonly used in construction, to meet the needs of construction projects.
          Advantage two: not easy to break.
          Although the aluminum alloy looks a bit thin, but not easy to break. Aluminum alloy in the use of the process, not because of the heavy pressure to lead to fracture, because it is under pressure. There are a variety of plates on the market, but some panels are easy to break, can not afford the heavy pressure, can not meet their needs.
          Advantage three: density is small.
          Alloy aluminum plate density is small, so the weight is relatively light, can easily move. In the construction, the lighter weight of the plate, the more conducive to handling use. If the weight of the plate is heavy, transport difficulties, will affect the construction work.
          Advantage four: long service life.
          Alloy aluminum and other ordinary aluminum compared to the addition of the right amount of alloying elements, has been strengthened, long life, to meet the use of different areas. In addition, the alloy aluminum plate even in harsh environments, it will not affect its performance, the same can meet the needs. Therefore, the long life of the board, the user need not worry.
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          Application Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Sheet Plate for Construction Engineering