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          Enterprise Culture

          Jinyang, together with you
          We always make you successful on the path of growth.
          Enterprise Culture
          Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.


          Jinyang aluminum industry starts from a small casting roll production of family workshop. After 15 years continuous efforts, it has various production of high-grade aluminum sheets, aluminum coils and aluminum foil, annual output 150 thousand tons with value of 2 billion 500 million RMB.

          We don't fear the troubles in the future, because our dream is powerful. We will become a group enterprise, a respected, first-class aluminum processing enterprises.

          gain, we appreciated for all the customers, partners and every staff in Jinyang. Because of our mutual encouragement and mutual trust Jinyang has the present growth. Here I promise that Jinyang aluminum industry always aims to create value for customers, to seek development for employees, to share responsibility for society, and to pursue the common development of society, enterprises, customers and employees.

          Jinyang people welcome sincerely the friends from all of the world to visit, guide and negotiate business!

          —— Chairman's Speech

          Recent Activities

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